The Center for Technology & Society

Technology is advancing at an incredible pace. Consider the rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. When put together, robots and AI may represent the next great leap for mankind. The question is, a leap to where? Intelligent robots are already among us. As they evolve, how will they affect society? Will they be servants like Rosie? Will they be killers like the Terminator? Or will they be something entirely new, like Ava from Ex Machina?

The Center for Technology & Society (CTS) serves as a public outreach vehicle and a research hub related to advanced technology and its role in modern society today … and tomorrow.

We make the complicated understandable.

The CTS was founded in 2016 by Scott Tilley. He's a professor emeritus at the Florida Institute of Technology, president of the Big Data Florida user group, and a Space Coast Writers' Guild Fellow.

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